Top 10 Nigerian Albums Released In The First Half Of 2022.

Top 10 Albums 2022
Top 10 Albums (First Half of 2022)

Like every other year, 2022 ushered in a plethora of goodies and fantastic music emanating from Nigeria. We have seen the birth of new musical acts, new sounds, and new record breakings as the Nigerian music industry continues to grow and flourish while maintaining it’s fierce competition. Additionally, musical performers have continued to give it their all, bringing their A-game.

Since the beginning of the year, a variety of intriguing projects, including full-length albums, extended plays, and mixtapes, have been released by various artists from across the country, including both established and upcoming talents. Since we have only just recently moved into the second half of the year 2022, it’s only right that we acknowledge and appreciate some the best musical projects we have enjoyed thus far.

In no particular order, this article will highlight 10 albums from the list of albums released so far in the first half of 2022 that can be regarded as top tier.

1. Asa – V (Album)

Asa - V (Album)
Asa – V (Album)

I would characterize this masterwork as the pinnacle of nostalgic and melancholic melodies interwoven throughout the 10-track body of work. The legendary Asa has earned a reputation for producing timeless music, which has elevated her to the status of one of Africa’s most decorated elite songstress. Asa continues to spread light through her songs, with a career spanning nearly two decades. Modern pop music with R&B, Afrobeats, and High-life influences can be witnessed in the album ‘V‘ released on February 25, 2022. Asa has effortlessly transcended with the seasons and it is evident in her music.

From previous Albums ‘Asa‘ to ‘Bed of Stone‘ to ‘LUCID‘, you can witness the evolution. This has made it possible for her to incorporate the sounds of the new school Afrobeats wave, with songs like “IDG,” featuring Wizkid, and “All I Ever Wanted,” a distinctive Alternative pop tune, as well as collaborations with vivacious Highlife duo The Cavemen. The album is a mix of everything, from the traditional Asa-like interpretations to an entirely unique and out-of-the-box delivery that can be seen as being influenced by an alter-ego.

2. Victony – Outlaw EP

Victony - Outlaw EP
Victony – Outlaw EP

Victony‘s journey from surviving a tragic vehicle accident in 2020 that lost the life of his friend to becoming one of the most sought-after young acts in the nation can best be described as a bittersweet one. Victony began his career as a rapper before making the turn to release R&B, trap, and Afropop singles. His song “Pray,” which was released following his injury, gained popularity at the beginning of 2021. His biggest break came in October 2021 when he collaborated with Mayorkun on the hit song “Holy Father.” Later, he produced the Nataraja EP with Grammy Award-winning producer Rexxie.

Vict0ny released an fascinating 7-track Extended Play titled “Outlaw” on May 6, 2022. Every single song on the EP was much more than just a song; each one evoked a wonderful sense of nostalgia, and with each listen, the genres seamlessly transitioned from Afrobeats to Afropop to Afro-fusion blaring with an incomparable songwriting and effortlessly smooth vocal deliveries all through. The club-banging tracks on Vict0ny’s “Outlaw” include the addicting “Kolomental,” “All Power,” “Chop N Slide,” and “Jolene.” The “Outlaw” EP, unquestionably one of the most elite bodies of work published in 2022, continues to receive excellent streams on all music streaming services.

3. Rema – Rave & Roses (Album)

Rema - Rave n Roses (Album)
Rema – Rave n Roses (Album)

There is not a single subpar song on this album, a 16-track offering jam-packed with enthralling melodies. The young Benin City-Bred superstar Rema, has only spent barely 4 years in the music game, however he has accomplished a lot in that minimal amount of time. From releasing an impressive number of chat topping anthems, to touring the globe. Prior to the album release, music aficionados around the world had been gearing for Rema’s debut album ‘Rave & Roses‘ which was finally released on the 25th of March 2022.
Rave & Roses features guest performances from 6lack, Chris Brown, AJ Tracey, and French singer Yseult. Rema bares all via the music on this album, covering everything from love to pressure to adolescence to family issues.

This album has a little bit of everything, including party rockers and an electric pop song called “Addicted” that blends pop with emo-trap. The top hits from the album are “Soundgasm,” “FYN,” “Bounce,” “Are You There,” and “Calm Down.” A mere two hours after its release, Rave & Roses quickly rose to the top of the Apple music charts in five different nations, making history as the fastest album from Nigeria to accomplish so. Within the first three months of the album’s release, it received over 100 million Spotify streams. Currently, the album has proceeded to reach significant milestones, with the single “Calm Down” having earned gold status in France.

4. Brymo -Theta (Album)

Brymo - Theta (Album)
Brymo – Theta (Album)

When it comes to making a classic Album, the name Brymo comes to mind as he is synonymous with this. Olawale Ashimi, has grown from the young soulful-voiced signee on Chocolate City Music in 2010 to a refined vocal powerhouse in the present day. Over the course of his 13-year musical career, Brymo has produced 8 studio albums, demonstrating a strong work ethic. From being the voice that introduced Iceprince‘s timeless song “Oleku” to emerging as one of Nigeria’s most productive conscious composers.

Brymo has been able to develop a sizable cult-like fanbase thanks to his distinctive sound. The singer released his eighth studio album, titled “Theta,” on May 27th, 2022. A 10-track masterwork that is full of creativity, culture, depth, and unrestrained songwriting. The album is a dismal one, in line with the great songwriter’s usual style, with a thematic background that addresses society, humanity, and our predicament through a compilation of primarily personal viewpoints, sentiments, and observations.

5. Basketmouth – Horoscopes (Album)

Basketmouth -Horoscopes (Album)
Basketmouth – Horoscopes (Album)

Bright Okocha is unquestionably one of the most versatile creatives in the nation. a satirist. a movie producer, actor, and rapper. In addition, Basketmouth functions as an A&R. It is admirable that he was able to combine the talents of musicians from many genres to produce a song. Baskestmouth created the ideal album “Yabasi” in 2021. Early in 2022, he followed it up with a sequel album called “Horoscopes,” which is a follow up of the traditional “Yabasi.” A selection of stunning songs performed by a few of Africa’s most skilled and renowned artists. ‘Horoscopes‘ is the official soundtrack to a future Basketmouth motion picture, just like it’s predecessor. ‘Horoscopes‘ appears to be designed to soundtrack a love tale from multiple angles and with distinct sub-themes and sub-plots, but “Yabasi” was intended to soundtrack an inner-city TV show about a well-liked beer parlor owner.

6. Adekunle Gold – Catch Me If You Can (Album)

Adekunle Gold - Catch Me If You Can (Album)
Adekunle Gold – Catch Me If You Can (Album)

The award-winning Nigerian Afro-pop musician Adekunle Gold delivered an unique package on February 4th, 2022, when his fourth studio album, “Catch Me If You Can,” was finally released. The ‘High‘ crooner clearly outdid himself on this magnificent display, especially considering that the anticipation for this album began in the year 2021. Since his debut album, “Gold,” Adekunle Gold has consistently produced a strong body of work. The singer has evolved his music into a more modernized, contemporary RnB fusion, as well as a fusion of other genres. 

Adekunle Gold has retained his traditional sounds and lingo while still embracing a more funky and westernized side in both his music and his rebranded appearance. However, this time around, he has diluted it with genres like modern Pop, Dancehall, and R&B. The singer was able to include musicians that weren’t in his genre of choice because on this. ‘On Catch Me if You Can‘, the singer deviates from his comfort zone to perform jaw-dropping songs by international artists like R&B singer Ty Dolla $ign and Foushee, as well as Dancehall/Hip-hop artist Stefflon Don and Malian Folk singer Fatoumata Diawara. The remarkable project “Catch Me If You Can” moves AG a step closer to gaining international success.

7. Boj – Gbagada Express (Album)

Boj - Gbagada Express
Boj – Gbagada Express (Album)

Gbagada Express by the Alté mastermind, BOJ is a nearly perfect album. Consisting of an extraordinary collection of songs, most of which were primarily recorded in the heat of the Covid 19 lockdown in 2020, the project was in the fourth quarter of 2022, specifically on April 22nd with features from Amaarae, Fireboy DML, Tiwa Savage, BNXN, Darkovibes, ENNY and more.

The 16-track album exudes a lot of funkiness, free will, and sexy aura. Boj‘s exploration with sound types continues, demonstrating why he is revered as the one true pioneer of the Alté culture. The album’s overall production is highly commendable, every single track boasts of a top-notch production touch to it, with great replay value. The artiste selection was impeccable, a fine mix of established superstars and the introduction of highly talented burgeoning artists, the album is one that fulfills every listening desire.
With the Alté style slowly becoming a more recognized subgenre, it’s only right that the lyrics aren’t too complicated, which I believe is the strategy Boj implored on “Gbagada Express,” meditating on topics that are highly relatable and relevant to the typical Nigerian and people all over the world.

8. Obongjayar – Some Nights I Dream Of Doors (Album)

Obongjayar - Some Nights I Dream Of Doors
Obongjayar – Some Nights I Dream Of Doors (Album)

Obongjayar proceeded to win the hearts of music lovers with his distinctive, never-before-heard sounds after releasing a stream of singles and an electrifying EP with ace record producer Sarz. The U.K.-based rapper and vocalist Obongjayar strongly tapped into his Nigerian heritage on his debut album, ‘Some Nights I Dream of Doors‘. A highly impressive body of work that displays a brilliant showcase of musical artistry.

The singer expresses his art on so many distinctive levels and it is so beautiful to see. American R&B and African rhythms are incorporated into a number of the album’s songs, his music has been dubbed “impossible to describe” since it combines elements of spoken word, AfrobeatSoul, and Electronic music, but his place of birth(Nigeria) also has an impact on the lyrical issues he tackles throughout. We are given access to Obongjayar‘s supreme artistic imagination through his project “Some Nights I Dream of Doors,” which celebrates life and love. ‘Try‘, the album’s first track is a reflection on the limitless opportunities of childhood and a scrapbook of unmet hopes and expectations. AQT entertainment‘s Peace Umanah describes the album as a beautifully painted picture in a special and unique way.

9. Asake – Ololade EP

Asake - Ololade EP
Asake – Ololade EP

With a lot of drive, star power, and confidence, Asake burst into the music scene. You can tell from one glance at the young man that he has unquestionably been primed his entire life for greatness. Though just a few are aware that he has been in the game for a little over four years, he only recently received his big break, which came with the release of his song “Omo Ope” and the signing of his record deal with YBNL Nation. Asake released his debut EP, titled “Ololade,” after the popularity of his smash track “Omo Ope,” and things have only gotten better from there. The “Ololade” EP featured club-friendly songs like “Sungba,” which spun a remix with Burna Boy, and “Trabaye.”

The “Ololade” EP, which consisted of five strong songs, topped the Apple Music Nigeria chats and contained the number-one singles “Sungba” and “Omo Ope.” Asake‘s project met expectations and demonstrated that Nigeria’s current adoration of Ampiano combined with the Afrobeats musical framework is undoubtedly here to stay.
Though not entirely fresh, the sound Asake is bringing on is different from what we’ve been hearing for the previous two years. Previously realizing that what seems to be something you’ve heard before is actually nothing like that, it’s just like a fusion

10. Jeriq – Billion Dollar Dream(Album)

Jeriq - Billion Dollar Dream(Album)
Jeriq – Billion Dollar Dream(Album)

Jeriq, a young up-and-comer from eastern Nigeria, truly outdid himself on the 12-track album titled “Billion Dollar Dream,” released on the 26th of May 2022, after garnering attention with his 2020 EP “Hood Boy Dreams.”
The talented Jeriq breathed new life into the Nigerian rap industry with his hard-hitting mashes of pure hip-hop and contemporary day trap, all delivered in his distinctive Igbo accent. He was blessed with excellent lyrics.

His music has greater depth as he fuses elements of Trap, R&B, Highlife, and Traditional Igbo Music to create an energizing blend of mind-blowing sounds. My personal favorite song off the album is the youthful head-bobbing trap single “Ogbe” where the artist displayed some of the most outstanding rhyming schemes embellished with commercial elements. His anecdotes are substantial without being obtrusive, and he speaks with a tangible confidence that borders on being contagious. On “Billion Dollar Dreams,” Jeriq is a maverick who gives form to his high thoughts and imbues trap with a variety of well-known local musical components.

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