Gabzy: Spanking New Single “X”

Today marks the release of singer-songwriter Gabzy’s latest single, “X.” In this touching track, Gabzy delves into introspection, reflecting on a past relationship. Through emotive lyrics, he subtly reminds his former partner of the privilege she once enjoyed by being with him.

Gabzy "X"
Gabzy “X”

However, as the song progresses, he shifts the narrative, portraying himself as the central figure and implying that being with him was the ultimate reward.

The song is a fresh addition to Gabzy’s discography, offering listeners a unique and engaging musical experience.

After dropping “Piano” last month, Gabzy continues his streak with the release of “X,” marking his second single of the year. With each release, he’s gaining traction and solidifying his position as one of the most promising talents, capturing the attention of music enthusiasts.

Check Out The Track Here:

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