The Outlaw EP by Victony [Review]


On the Outlaw EP, Victony embraces that sense of liberation, showcasing his flexibility and ability to put his thoughts into song laced with amusing wordplay.

Victony has lived by the notion of being an outlaw since releasing his first hip-hop album, The Outlaw King, in 2017.

The rising star branched out into R&B, Trap, and Afropop, influenced by his idols Kendrick Lamar and Drake, while lockdown provided him with the freedom to add more singing to the mix.

Victony’s justification for his unfettered approach to life became sudden in April 2021, when his friend, Doyin, was killed in a car accident, leaving Victony and three others gravely injured.

“If I had died in that accident, life would’ve gone on, and everybody would’ve forgotten about me,” Victony (Anthony Victor) says to Apple Music.

“My music would live on—but life goes on, right? So, why don’t you just do what makes you happy and just be you – because at the end of the day, man, you’re going to die someday. So, just do what makes you happy and just be you to the max.”

With hits like “Pray” and “Holy Father,” a smash collaboration with Mayorkun, he used music to process and explore deeper, more profound issues in the months that followed.

Victony has developed vocal opulence and proven his lyrical strength, he adds his art of diversity to the Outlaw EP.

Outlaw – Victony

Track-by-track review of the Outlaw EP

Outlaw depicts the narrative of an outlaw who isn’t afraid of anything. Whatever it is, he will be constantly on the move.

This song shows Victony’s amazing pen game and quality in delivery. Victony‘s issues were a little light; on the title track, he proclaims himself and his band of “Outlaws” champions while worshiping God and acknowledging the almighty’s grace upon his career.

The chords on this beat are incredible. Plus, from beginning to end, it was truly a team effort. Victony stated he made “Outlaw” alongside producer Ktizo in 2020, He needed to take his time with this one.

Chop & Slide is a song about a girl who only wants his money and doesn’t care about anything else. She just wants to “Chop & Slide”. Victony reveals the daring nature of one love connection in this track.

Apollo. DJ Clock’s ‘Pluto (Remember You)‘ is sampled directly in “Apollo.” Victony needed to make the most of a session with P.Priime, so he asked for those particular chords and they went with it. They truly created something colorful here.

Apollo – Victony (Official Video Edit)

All Power. Are you looking for a Lagos club banger? Imagine being at a club and knowing exactly where to drop the beat and what to say to get people dancing. The tune is ideal for partying at the club.

The song is about a guy who is lusting after a girl in a nightclub and is just having a wonderful time. And he approaches her and says, ‘Yo, all power belongs to you (your b** b**). So, do whatever you want with me.’

Jolene [Victony & Ktizo]. This song appears to be a narrative about unrequited love that finishes with a police call.

Victony came on with another upbeat tune on “Jolene“. Featuring a beat from Kitzo, you can’t expect less. This might not be the biggest song on this project but the quality is quite outstanding.

Soweto. It is mostly about this girl you are thinking of, and you’re declaring your love for her and attempting to court her in a calm manner. As a lover boy, Victony speaks to her, he wants her to be herself and express herself fully.

Notably, this tune was produced by Tempoe. The beautiful incorporation of Southern melodies is hard to miss, this tune is much fun to listen to.

Kolomental. Victony speaks about his mental state in this song. The song is basically an expression of what he was experiencing in his head – possibly after his accident where he broke his leg and used a wheelchair for a long spell. He simply desired to be in a better mental state.

Notably, this incredible tune all started with a jam session at BlaiseBeatz‘s place. This may as well be the best tune on the “Outlaw EP

Kolomental – Victony (Acoustic Performance)

Critical Review

The Outlaw EP is an excellent EP with no skips  The production accomplishes just enough to put Victony in his element, he did not overdo it, he just simply expressed himself freely and confidently.

The percussion and melodic driven “Jolene,” assisted by Ktizo. The wonderful progressive “Soweto” can’t be left out of place either, as can the Blaise Beats produced “Kolomental,” which was crunchy and strongly configured, as well as the AmapianoApollo” and the super “All Power,” which adulates a woman’s body and butt specifically.

Notably, the Outlaw EP has a good replay value and transitions of enjoyable tunes to satisfy a variety of tastes. One of the best projects out of Nigeria this year, I recommend.

You can listen to The Outlaw by Victony here.

Outlaw by Victony
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