YKB has released a new project titled “YUSFUL MUSIC (RELOADED)“. This project is an extended version of “YUSFUL MUSIC – EP” which he released in May, 2023. On YUSFUL MUSIC (RELOADED)“, YKB includes 3 additional tracks – “shaye” featuring. Pheelz, high and sober (go on soun) & this must be love featuring. King Promise. YKB is on the journey to take over the Afrobeats space & “YUSFUL MUSIC (RELOADED)” certainly preaches the gospel in the best way possible.

Firstly, if you are familiar with YKB’s music, you would understand emphatically why he is regarded as one of the hottest prospects in 2024. Following the release of his debut project – “Before I Blow“, you can notice his growth sonically, lyrically and all round musically.

YKB in essence is a lover boy. He has quite a number of standout love songs e.g. “San Siro“, “bo card (things i need)“. Besides being a lover boy, he is a fashionista. He has somewhat influenced dress styles of a lot of his peers and industry counterparts.

The release of this project comes at a great time where YKB got a co sign from two of his idols – Wizkid & Wande Coal. Here is a sneak peek via “X“;

In a quick dive into “YUSFUL MUSIC (RELOADED)”, we would take a look at each track and talk a bit about the quality & peculiarity;

shaye featuring. Pheelz – On “shaye”, YKB is in a celebratory mood. Literally, “shaye” in Yoruba means enjoying life and have fun. On this track, YKB is in a feel good mood whilst entertaining his fans. He enlists Pheelz who is yet to miss and they made a banger.

high and sober (go on soun) – Furthermore on the subject of YKB being a lover boy, he added an extra layer with a little braggadocio. This track has every element to be an anthem for lover boys around the globe. On this occasion, he is fighting for his girl and assuring her that he would never let her go. Definitely a fans favorite.

this must be love featuring. King Promise – Similarly, on this track YKB is in the business of professing his love and he tilts his lyrics to give a seal of insurance and casting away any doubt in the near waters. Interestingly, this is a groovy track and in a slight moment you might ditch the lyrics and go for your dancing shoes. Side note, Nigeria & Ghana always work, bar the jollof rice beef.

traffic – Generally this is one of the best tracks off the project in terms of delivery, melody, rhythm and overall quality. It is little wonder that the sound is high quality as it is produced by the one and only “Spax“. “If it is Spax then it is a gotta be a hit” is not just a tag, it is a fact. YKB & Spax worked their magic on this one. One word, Magic.

bo card (things i need) – This track is literally a representation of the phrase “my life is incomplete without you“. YKB endorses the fact that he needs his lover with him always and he emphasizes the length he would go to validate his deep affections for her. We all appreciate it when our love is well appreciated, don’t we?

san siro featuring. Joeboy – This is one of those songs that is just perfect. Every element that makes up this songs works – beat, melody, lyrics, choice of featured artiste (Joeboy), visuals and more. You just have to applaud the exceptional quality that this track oozes. It is not surprising that this is YKB’s highest streamed song, it deserves all the love it can get.

komplete riddim – On this track, YKB is on the other side of seeking assurance in his love life. He is aware of the competition he faces and he is also heads on about terms of their relationship and how it would be beneficial to both parties. Yet again, another groovy love song that more than serves its purpose. Exceptional delivery as always.

pressure – Finally, this is a track that steers away from the popular subject matter on this project. It serves as a reminder that in the midst of being a lover boy, YKB is conscious of the fact that he needs to maintain his focus. Love is not limited to relationships, it can be extended to chasing the bag (making money). Lastly, he reiterates that making money is of much importance as it takes a lot of pressure of you. We can all relate to this.

Evidently, this project ranks amongst the best EPs out of Nigeria in recent time and above all there are a lot of pointers to back this claim. YKB made quality music all through and the fans would definitely appreciate it. If you are reading this, put “YUSFUL MUSIC (RELOADED)” on repeat.

Listen to “YUSFUL MUSIC (RELOADED)” here on Spotify;

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