WurlD & Sarz reignite chemistry on new single “Location”

WurlD & Sarz release new single titled “Location“, in a welcoming return to a collaboration that created magic in recent past. Location represents another evidence that this duo never misses. An array of music listeners would choose WurlD as their favorite collaborator with Sarz. On first listen, you could agree and see the reason. WurlD and Sarz in one location is what the world needs more of.

WurlD & Sarz have formed a formidable partnership that serenaded with a lot of music listeners in Nigeria. The duo are known most notably for their joint project titled “I LOVE GIRLS WITH TROBUL“. This project gained a lot of airwaves following its release. Tracks like “TROBUL” & “MAD” were played repeatedly in almost every function you attended in 2019. This project helped to spread the gospel of what a Sarz & WurlD collaboration can produce.

Here we are again in 2023 and this duo have yet again created magic with the new tune titled Location. The bouncy tune, produced by Sarz is a party banger. This track gets you to showcase your dance moves, regardless of your location at the time. With the daily advent and rise of the Afrobeats genre, this track represents a step in the right direction.

Listen to Location” here;

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