Rema & Shallipopi Rep Benin with “Benin Boys”

The Nigerian Afrobeats artist, Rema & Shallipopi, a rising star from Benin, have joined forces to create a new track titled “Benin Boys”. This powerhouse collaboration brings together two of Benin’s brightest stars.

Rema & Shallipopi "Benin Boys' Artwork
Rema & Shallipopi “Benin Boys’ Artwork

 The collaboration celebrates the musical talents and cultural heritage of the Benin region, showcasing the vibrant sounds and rhythms that have captivated audiences worldwide. This also signifies the firs time Rema & Shallipopi would be collaborating a song.

“Benin Boys” is a high-energy, infectious track that blends Rema’s signature Afrobeats style with Shallipopi’s unique Beninese musical influences. The song pays homage to the rich cultural legacy of Benin, highlighting the country’s musical traditions and the pride shared by its people.

Preview The Track Here:

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