Bugzy Malone and Chip put their past behind and join forces for eagerly awaited collaboration “Notorious”

Bugzy Malone and Chip have gifted us an eagerly awaited collaboration with “Notorious”.

Back in 2015, both MC’s were engaged in one of the biggest feuds in the UK rap scene. The went back and forth sending diss tracks to each other. They however buried the hatchet in 2017 when Malone posted a photo of them together on Instagram and he captioned the post  “Cash Motto GAME CHANGED”.

Since then we have all been waiting for a collaboration between the two acts and it has finally arrived. They make references to 2Pac and Biggie’s feud and give thanks that their own rivalry didn’t end in tragedy. With Chip saying “So me and B ain’t ever going out like Pac and Biggie”.

Watch the visuals below :

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