Ckay, The Certified Lover Boy – Review of The “Boyfriend” EP

Ckay made himself a successfully proclaimed Afropop elite act after hopping off the international afro wave with his feature on Davido’s album, A Better Time. With his creative gesture on “Lala” it was due for him to have a better time in the industry after his viral collaboration with the DMW boss, and his signing with Warner Bros Records.
CKay, an extremely gifted vocalist who is a rising star in Nigeria, went on to unleash a precious bit of his emotions when he released his EP, “Boyfriend,” around the Valentine season earlier this year. With all the adoration a partner can offer, the Afro-soul artist released his third Extended Playlist with so much spirited love.
Embarking on the path to uncover Ckay’s love treasures seems to be a fascinating adventure. Hop on the ride.

Ckay proves to be a passionate and certified lover boy, ready to give it his all, and based on his romantic Rockstar flair that adorns the album’s cover art. The lead single, “Felony,” exemplifies this concept with a cheerful record and his captivating writing.
The opening guitar chords of “Felony” are suggestive of Coldplay style, as is the extraordinary use of a violin on the beat. According to rumors, CKay paid for a live violin interpretation to accompany the original beat.
Expressing his deep and unshakeable love for his partner, he goes off on this track by reassuring her that if loving her is a felony, he doesn’t mind sleeping in a prison cell. Elite Boyfriend vibes, I must admit.
On the first track, CKay gives us his lover boy vibes, and the second track – Show My Side featuring Amaarae, is no different. Amaarae is a true diva who really nailed this song. She gave this track a foreign sensual vibe.
We all know Amaarae’s voice and resonance gives off this sexuality in every song she’s on. This one wasn’t an exception either. Couple-worthy sultriness and sensuality are well expressed in this song, Ckay found a perfect match up here. With avant-garde Alte harmonies and seductive inflections, “Show Me Your Love” is Afro Blues at its finest.

Jeje de Whine is the ideal vibe for driving or chilling with friends, it is actually a tune that can be used in a variety of situations. This song is unquestionably a hit single in my opinion. As he is being swept off his feet, the artiste tells his lover to whine softly, just like any boyfriend would.
Ckay‘s featherlight vocals is accompanied by a Spanish guitar chord on this tune, his voice skills and resonance are at an ideal pace and level too. This is some elite Wande Coal vibes, take a good groovy listen again and see the familiarity in the resonance on this beautiful track.
On the track – Isabella, Ckay tells a stark reminder about lovesickness in which he describes his experience with a girl in Lekki and how he believes he can’t live without her. We learn more about his predicament with his lover. Being torn between love and lust. “Could it be lust, or could it be true love?” he wonders, as he sings on in this tune. “Isabella” has Dancehall beats, Afro-pop percussion sounds, and unique Boomba instruments common in Kenya.

Skoin Skoin featuring Bianca Costa” is a statement of love for a woman with hints of crazy or extreme drama. An emo duet between Ckay and Bianca Costa of Brazil, who relates her side of the story with soothing vocals in her native tongue.
Ckay also reminds us that love, in all of its glory, is not without strain. Hearing this line, “your love is pain, but inject it into my veins” subtly moves this documentation of love to a sensitive, and moodier place.
Bianca Costa is exactly what he’s looking for on the track, and she’s the perfect blend. This match up went ahead to produce a wonderful tension that is virtually always present in any passionate situation. This song right here is another smash single worth mentioning.

Mezebu featuring Oxlade and Kidi” – there is a highly rare but unique combination on this tune, as the acts seamlessly flow into one another as you listen to it. It’s as though the resemblance in their voices and vocal styles stand out in an unnatural way.
Mezebu is a beautiful and moving track on which all three afro acts relate their post-breakup experiences; the drunk texting, the deception, admitting these has caused more harm than they thought. It is probably the most genuine track, given the trio’s heartfelt effort. Notably, you should know “Mezebu” means “intoxicated.”
With the same vibe the EP came through with, Ckay ends it on the same lover boy note.

Kiss Me Like You Miss Me” is the ideal lover boy song that every man wishes he could sing. The rhythm and melody in this song are quite lovely.
The guitar used in this tune is the perfect instrument to convey the appropriate emotions in this song. You know, there’s an adequate amount of spice that a guitar brings, especially when handled well. Notably, this track was produced by Ckay himself.
“Kiss Me Like You Miss Me” is in fact a lushly crafted track that lingers in the warmth and joy of love. I think this song encapsulates what guys really want to say, He takes the deepest feelings of men’s hearts and translates them into simple lyrics with badass beats and instrumentals. This is the perfect boyfriend song.

Critic Review
Ckay’s “Boyfriend” is a genuine attempt to replicate the natural cycle of love, which spans peak sensuality, the romance phase, and the gloomy and tough times in between. The artist has put a lot of effort into these tracks and has created a point of convergence where they all make sense, painting a beautiful picture for us. This EP makes perfect sense when you connect the dots from one tune to the next.
We must also applaud the fact that Ckay is very comfortable in his own skin and voice on this project. He was not doing too much of anything or trying to be any other person – doing him and his own special sound here. Notably, I think CKay’s collaborations with J Molley, Amaarae, Davido, and some others might have refined his ability to take risks.

One of the most outstanding African talents to emerge from the continent delivers a terrific work and delivery. The sound of this EP, however, may be too edgy for the average Nigerian.
Rating: 8.5/10

Watch Ckay’s Felony music video Below.

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