Yinka Bernie: Perfect Timing For “Something New”

The “Something New” EP could not be released at a more perfect time, after a little over a year of built anticipation from his last single, Jaded. Yinka Bernie serenades us with a 5 track body of work that is nothing short of complete.

The EP is a major step up in his project collection; it leaves listeners in awe of his well finessed musical prowess. His sound perfectly blends soothing melodies and subtle flows with a ting of melancholy and he is not afraid to share his rather vulnerable feelings through his sound. The EP is a sharp bend from the ‘usuals’ and it is accepted wholeheartedly.

We are greeted welcome by Konga drums, and a soothing hum- Like Cudi this hum is on a spiritual level. The track embodies “more is less” as he hold us sway only saying 5 sentences – Legendary. One notable plus on this EP is how the songs sort of picks up from the previous one, unlike the traditional “stop and play” order. Who knew slow vibes hit this hard?

Yinka Bernie

Smacking vibe on Very simple (track 2) it defines the whole album just chill vibes nothing flashy. That female fan in “Yb interlude?” said the mind of every fan like holding us down with every release is not for anybody (she that asked for a song got a whole EP).

The final two tracks on the album are heart renting, a song about smiling at that will make you cry and a song about crying that… same thing. “It’s okay to cry” was a prerelease and still Yinka Bernie’s biggest till date, this is an example of him sharing his “vulnerable” feelings. A song by a man justifying crying is wild (sigma males are fuming).

The EP is one of the best out there and would sure be a massive success as the replay value is insane.  To enjoy the album maximally follow Mike posner’s advice” This album is best listened to at night and alone.”

Listen to Something New EP below:

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