Simi Returns With a New Album “Lost & Found”

Nigerian singer-songwriter Simi has released her fifth studio album, “Lost and Found”, a 14-track masterpiece that showcases her remarkable talent and versatility as an artist

Simi "Lost & Found"
Simi “Lost & Found”

The album, which features collaborations with various artists, such as Lojay, Bella Shmurda, Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey etc.

“Lost and Found” is a testament to Simi’s growth and evolution as a musician. Simi’s fans and the music industry as a whole have highly anticipated the release of the “Lost and Found” album.

Since 2022, Simi hasn’t released any albums, but the release of “Lost & Found” marks her return to the music scene with a new project.

“Lost and Found” is now on all major music platforms…

Preview the Album Here:

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