Samory I makes a statement with his sophomore album “STRENGTH”

Jamaican reggae singer “Samory I” has released his second studio album titled “STRENGTH“. This comes after his debut album “Black Gold” which he released in 2017. “STRENGTH” is an embodiment of all that Samory I‘s music is all about.

The project features some of Jamaica’s finest, Lila Ike, Jesse Royal, Kabaka Pyramid, just to mention a few. The album is made up of 11 tracks (42 minutes long), and the theme of the album is evident in all the tracks.

Every listener would be able to derive a track or more that stands out, as every track has a great message, with some examples being – “Blood In The Street” (which speaks to the violence in the communities and all over the world), “Continent” talks about the need for togetherness. The project is a stellar one and stays true to the reggae roots.

Listen to “STRENGTH” here;

Spotify link for “STRENGTH” album
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