Raye Drops New EP “Genesis”

Fresh off her record-breaking BRIT Awards sweep, genre-bending pop force Raye explodes back onto the scene with a sonic masterpiece, “Genesis.” This epic, seven-minute track transcends the boundaries of a single song, weaving a narrative tapestry of raw emotion and artistic vulnerability.

Raye "Genesis" EP
Raye “Genesis” EP

“Genesis” isn’t just music; it’s a deeply personal exploration of the world and the artist’s place within it. Inspired by Nina Simone’s powerful quote, “It is an artist’s duty to reflect the times,” Raye confronts the complexities of the world with unflinching honesty, laying bare her hopes, struggles, and a yearning for a brighter future.

Listen to “Genesis” EP here: https://t.co/x0QBv72ghx

Preview The Track Here:

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