Olamide being the greatest African rapper alive is already a widely acknowledged fact, but a very overlooked aspect of his artistry is his remarkable consistency. The rate at which Olamide works and churns out music is unmatched in today’s music landscape.


As an Afrobeats song, “Infinity” stands as one of the most iconic tracks released this decade. This mid-tempo vibe is perfect for slow grooves and subtle moves. Featuring Omah Lay, it strikes a perfect balance between singing and rapping. Beyond its evident groove, the song boasts tangible lyrics, clever wordplay, and heavy sexual innuendos, all perfectly veiled by the song’s mood-boosting nature. “Infinity” is also Olamide’s most successful track to date, being his only single with over 100 million streams and his most streamed song by a wide margin.


For long-time music enthusiasts, “Ghost Mode” brings back vivid memories. This bop, released over a decade ago, showcases raw rap talent. Before the streaming era, during the heyday of sites like Naijaloaded, the single, featuring Olamide and his unofficial duo partner Phyno, was a pure exhibition of rapping ability with fast-paced bars, delighting every rap fan. Fast forward to today, this song remains a classic.


Back in the day, Olamide had the streets on lockdown with hit after hit, and “Awon Goons Mi” was one of them. Dropped a decade ago, the flows on this single remain unmatched. The track features flow changes, bars upon bars, and witty wordplay, along with a catchy catchphrase. This single was a recipe for a hit that still stands strong today.


Olamide released “Rock” as a prelude to his 2021 album, UY Scuti, teasing the album’s imminent release. The single deviated from his usual rap style to a full Afropop song with a few hints of rap. Despite this unusual shift, it worked perfectly, with Olamide overdelivering on the Eskeez-produced track, giving every Afrobeats artist a run for their money.


The quotables from “Durosoke” are forever iconic. The single is filled with memorable catchphrases, from “Baddo, baddest guy ever liveth…” to “Take it outside basket, take it inside koroba…” to “Se kowale, ko durosoke.” In its prime, this single had the streets by the neck, with every young person reciting the lyrics word for word. A proper street anthem, the production was also extraordinary.


There is a special grade of Olamide songs—the party bangers. These singles are not necessarily rap-based but are hits designed for dancing. Characterized by bite-sized, shallow lyrics, fast-sticking catchphrases, and a catchy beat, “Wo!!” checks all those boxes, making it a perfect party anthem.


“TOTORI” is a collaboration that always hits the mark. Featuring production by ID Cabasa, a chorus by Wizkid, and verses by Olamide, this song is a party starter. Olamide delivered a star performance, surrounded by this massive lineup, resulting in a perfectly executed hit.


“Loading” is another standout track from Olamide’s most commercially successful album. Featuring Bad Boy Timz, the single recalls Olamide’s street hit prime. With the elements mentioned earlier—catchy lyrics, fast-paced beats—Olamide handles the verses, making it a perfectly delivered single. The commercial success of this track marks it as Olamide’s third-best performing single.


From the first note by Killertunez, “Motigbana” captivates. The percussion is memorable even long after listening. Olamide, in his masterful method of making hits, perfectly complements this record. With easily digested lyrics and a vibe that sticks, “Motigbana” wrapped up perfectly with the catchphrase “Motigbana.”


Olamide has a knack for creating hits, and “Bobo” is a prime example. Right from the first note, the direction of the song points to a certified banger. Coming from the trenches, Olamide understands the importance of catchy bite-sized phrases in capturing attention. He replicated that style in many hits, including “Bobo,” which even came with a dance. This single created an identity, a dance, and a movement that had the streets hooked.

These hits barely scrape the surface of the depth of Olamide’s impressive discography. Let us know your top 10 Olamide songs on our Twitter.

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