Nemzzz Makes Official Debut With Album, “DO NOT DISTURB”

Nomzzz has firmly established himself as a leading force in the UK rap scene, showcasing a distinctive musical style and unwavering authenticity.

Album Cover
Album Cover

His latest release, “DO NOT DISTURB,” marks a significant milestone in his career, representing a culmination of years of dedication and hard work. This 11-track album features collaborations with notable artists such as JayG and Luciano.

Prior to the album’s debut, Nomzzz teased fans with five pre-released singles, generating anticipation and excitement among his audience.

With the release of this debut album, Nomzzz is poised to carve out a prominent place for himself in the rap landscape, leaving a lasting impression with his quality craftsmanship and undeniable talent.

Check Out “DO NOT DISTURB” Here

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