GYPTIAN makes comeback with new single “Free Your Mind”

Gyptian releases new single titled “Free Your Mind” to kick off the year following a good run in 2022. The reggae star/dancehall star has been high in the heart of so many of his with a log of clamour and demand for the release of a new album. Many fans would hope this could be the year with his last about being “Sex, Love & Reggae” (released in 2013).

Free Your Mind” is a feel good track that can have you in the mood to serenade, soak in the beautiful weather around as you relate to the lyrics. Gyptian maintains his style of reggae which is considered lovers reggae & roots reggae. However, this particular song has a mix of dancehall and is the near perfect blend of both genres, well executed. So there you have it, be it dancehall or reggae, Gyptian never fails to bring on his A-game.

“Free Your Mind” visualizer on YouTube

Since its release, “Free Your Mind” has climbed up on the charts, featuring on the Top 100 Jamaica Music Chart & Top 40 Jamaican Songs Chart, amongst others. This is such a good song with remarkable replay value and talking point. Excited for what Gyptian has in store for his fans all over this world this year.

Plug in to bop “Free Your Mind” below;

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