Ebun Yelé Builds On Her Debut Single With Sophomore “100 Km”

Ebun Yelé, a Nigerian-born singer, songwriter, and performer, is set to leave a lasting impact on the music industry with the official launch of her second single, ‘100km.’

Song Cover
Song Cover

Building on the success of her debut track, Ebun Yelé returns with yet another sensational hit, “100km.” This latest release not only underscores her unwavering dedication to musical excellence but also showcases her remarkable versatility.

Renowned for her enchanting blend of UK pop/house, soul, and Afrobeats, Ebun Yelé is unquestionably forging her way to stardom.

“100km” unfolds as a mid-tempo pop anthem, distinguished by its lush instrumentation that serves as the perfect backdrop for Ebun Yelé’s soulful vocals.

Ebun Yelé
Ebun Yelé

The song delves into the intricacies of love, posing a thought-provoking question about the lengths her admirer is willing to go for her.

With this follow-up single and the limitless depth of Ebun Yelé’s talent, it becomes evident that her journey in the music industry is just beginning. The release of “100km” not only cements her position as an artist with a distinctive sound but also promises an exhilarating musical odyssey ahead.

Check Out “100KM” Here

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