Chike Returns With New Single ‘Nwoke Oma’ – LISTEN

Soulful Nigerian singer/songwriter Chike is on a mission to solidify his feet on the sands of the music industry. The singer is back this time with a new single entitled, ‘Nwoke Oma‘.

The saying “Nwoke Oma” is an Igbo term that translates as “Good Man,” or “Good Person,” and is often used as a word of encouragement to individuals striving hard for the good of themselves and everyone in general. The tune is the first official single off Chike‘s incoming sophomore project “Brother’s Keeper“.

On the record, Chike acknowledges the struggle to be recognized without necessarily seeking societal approval, he further details his ups and downs, the pain, struggles and wins that has come his way following the success of his debut project. The song was produced by talented beatmaker, Deeyasso.

Listen To ‘Nwoke Oma‘ by Chike Below

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