December in Lagos is usually the dirtiest, so people from all around the world try to make it to Nigeria for the festive period. It was coined “Detty December” because of the host of concerts, parties, raves and other festivities that take place almost every single day of December in Lagos. Two of the Atle pioneers, who were vastly prominent in 2021, Amaarae and PrettyBoy-Do both had concerts on the 18th and 20th of December respectively, with great crowd turnout, which turned out to be a great celebration of alternative music. Attending these concerts put me in the best position to narrate how progressive these two icons have been with their music, performance, and also concert organization as they thrilled fans at their events this December.

Amaarae was debuting her first headline show in Lagos courtesy of Gidifest, while PrettyBoy-Do was headlining his second show in Artisan; the place he did it in 2019.


The Ghanian sensation, who just recently hit 100 million streams on spotify for the Remix of Sad Gurlz Love Money (Featuring Kali Uchis x Moily), gave fans a night to remember in Lagos during her concert. It started late, but purely not the artiste or managements fault, as they weren’t in control of the timing and the organization of the concert generally (Gidifest should be held accountable). The icon did something unique, by starring an all-women lineup. SGawd, Somadina and Solis opened for Amaarae, and it was an opportunity for people to be introduced to the new set of female superstars who would take the game to the next level.

Amaarae came out at about 12, and held fans to an exhilarating one-hour perofmance. It was a “The Angel You Don’t Know” concert, so Amaarae didn’t do songs that weren’t on the album, which was painful for day 1 fans who wanted to hear Like it, Fluid, and even her verse on Bling. However, we were heavily compensated through magical performances from the goated album which had hit songs like Fancy, Leave Me Alone, Fantasy, Jumping Ships, Feel a Way, Celine and the most popular of them all; SGLM. Amaarae was in tune with her audience, inviting two excited fans to perform on stage with her which sent the crowd wild. Some top alte crooners were also seen at the concert; Santi, Odunsi, amongst others.

The biggest surprise of the night was Amaarae bringing out superstar Tiwa Savage to peform their hit track “Tales by Moonlight” which sent fans to infinity and beyond. Tiwa Savage thrilled excited fans, and also had some sweet and encouraging words for Amaarae on stage. In short, it was an at0mic experience, as Fountain Baby showered us with excellence on the stage. Totally worth it!

Concert Rating –

Concert Timing: 1.2/2

Performance: 1.8/2

Special Guests: 1.6/2

General Organization: 1.3/2

User Experience: 1.6/2

TOTAL – 7.5/10


The energy god, who was doing his headline show at the same venue he did his maiden show in Lagos before the Covid 19, had one of the timeliest events that occurred this December. PrettyBoy-Do waited for his fans to reach a certain capacity before coming on stage about 9:50 PM. He brought on guest stars to share the stage with him like Mizzle, OdumoduBlvck, Wani Music, and the biggest surprise of them all was Odunsi the Engine thrilling fans at the concert. He performed his hit songs from last album “Love is war”, but didn’t forget to wet his fans appetite with hit songs from projects like WildFire and Everything Pretty. He performed “Pull Up” which featured Santi, who was in the building, supporting his friend from the crowd section. He ended the concert with his smash hit “Dey Go Hear Weh” which satisfied any fan who spent their hard-earned money to come for this “No-Biscuit-Performance” concert. It all ended at about 11:40 which enabled fans who came to either go home or continue partying since the night was very young.

Concert Rating –

Concert Timing: 1.5/2

Performance: 1.6/2

Special Guests: 1.5/2

General Organization: 1.3/2

User Experience: 1.4/2

Total – 7.3/10

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