Ajebo Hustlers “Bad Boy Etiquette 102: Continuous Assessment” Review

Ajebo Hustlers have indeed showcased remarkable consistency since their debut, consistently releasing projects that solidify their status as one of the best rap groups in the industry. Their latest album exemplifies this consistency and growth, featuring a ten-track project that includes an impressive lineup of hip-hop and Afrobeats acts.

Album Cover Ajebo Hustlers
Album Cover

The album boasts a hall of fame lineup including ODUMODUBLVCK, Jeriq, Blaqbonez, Sarkodie, King Promise, Magixx, and Zlatan, among others. Together, they have crafted a hip-hop masterpiece that highlights the group’s ability to blend different musical styles and collaborate with some of the biggest names in the genre.

The album opens with “Dreams II,” a remix of their previous single “Dreams,” featuring Zlatan and Blaqbonez. This collaboration sets a calm tone for the album, with a slow tempo and verses that maintain the album’s overall demeanor. As the album progresses, tracks like “Last Week” touch on themes of euphoria induced by psychedelics and the struggle with abstinence, while “You No Know” delves into themes of trust and wisdom in interpersonal relationships.

“Wicked” describes the challenges faced in dealing with deceptive partners, while “Celine Dion” presents explicit content with heavy sexual innuendos. REBEAL delivers a standout guest performance on “Undecided,” combining Neo Soul, R&B, and Reggae with her beautiful voice. “Kisses II” features Magixx, adding a unique touch to the reimagined single.

“Sweet & Sour” incorporates King Promise, detailing the ups and downs of a relationship riddled with infidelity, while “No Wam” reflects the indifference that follows such betrayals. Finally, “Burn My Cable II” closes the album with a remix featuring Sarkodie, providing a perfect ending with a hard-hitting verse.

Ajebo Hustlers
Ajebo Hustlers

Overall, the album showcases the immense chemistry between Piego and Knowledge, as well as their ability to incorporate the styles of every featured act. Their knack for delivering hits and curating albums is evident throughout the project.

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